Thursday, 27 March 2014

Bedtime & Alarm Clocks

There are 2 very annoying things in my life:

1. Having to go to bed while I'm not tired.

2. Waking up while I'm still tired.

Why can't we just sleep when we want to and wake up when we've had enough sleep and work when you're awake, refreshed?

I get it that some stuff has to be scheduled, e.g. meetings,  events, etc. But on a normal workday with no pressing deadlines, I can see myself working from say, 10am to 6pm and that it shouldn't be a problem.


Sunday, 2 March 2014

Oven Cleaning

Our oven needed a clean. Pink gloves on, armed with the super duty oven cleaner, I sprayed the (beep) out of the oven. After about 40 mins (instructions said at least 5 mins in warm oven), I got on my knees and started wiping and scrubbing it.

It wasn't clean enough and so I reluctantly warmed up the oven again. Pink gloves on, can shaken (not stirred), I started spraying. However, my insides decided they have had enough toxic fumes and refused to let me breathe. Not deterred, I grabbed the closest thing, i.e. the pink apron, covered the nose and mouth, and kept going.

After an hour or so, I attacked the oven again with paper towels and sponges. There is a stubborn blob that just simply won't budge. DH came around and had a go with a bit of Gumption. Also, at this time we discovered the heating elements came away from the roof at the removal of some clips.

So, DH sprayed the oven AGAIN, concentrating on the blob and the roof while trying not to poison himself with the fumes.

And then we trotted off to Bunnings to get washers to install a new sink and because I haven't had enough of cleaning and decided I need more cleaning stuff. Fun.

Sigh. So that is how I spent the Saturday of my long weekend. Still gotta clean that oven.

On the plus side,  see what I found at Bunnings. Hahaha..

What are you up to for the long weekend?