Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Missing Milestones

There are sacrifices when one leaves home and sets up a new home in a different place - away from friends, away from family.

Sisters catch up in Singapore in 2012
  The hardest thing for me being away from friends and family is missing the milestones. 

Birthdays. Graduations. Weddings. Babies. 

Veronica's wedding in 2013
I'm grateful that it is nowhere near as hard as what it was in the past, or even in the present in under-privilaged societies or war-torn countries.

I'm grateful that we have social media to keep in touch very easily, and that we have access to affordable air transport to meet up every now and then. 

But, everytime a milestone comes up, it still brings up a pang of sadness, of hurt that I will miss another one

And it reminds me of the non-milestone moments that I've missed and will keep missing.

Parties. Lunches. Shopping. Coffees. Drop-ins. Movies. Laughter. Everyday life.

Sisters back in 2001/2002