Sunday, 13 April 2014

Perth Food Truck Rumble

Perth's first food truck festival, FOOD TRUCK RUMBLE, is on TODAY!

The Rumble brings together 17 food trucks, vans, and carts at the Perth Cultural Centre. DH & I are not usual fans of crowds, but decided to head down and have a look! We were going to meet up with Ninifoodielicious but unfortunately she couldn't make it.

Dessert vans

I was particularly interested in 3 trucks:

Jumplings (
- Because I've heard so many good things and this is as good as a time as any to try them out!


The Merrywell - Dude Food on Wheels (
- Because I love dude food from the Merrywell!

The Merrywell - Dude Food on Wheels

Kustom Cupcakes (
- Because it's pink! :P

Kustom Cupcakes

Kustom Cupcakes

We got there about 12pm and there was already a long line at the Jumplings truck. While DH obligingly stood in line, I went around taking a few photos. There wasn't a line at the Merrywell truck so I thought I'd come back later (mistake).

While still in line at Jumplings, Kustom Cupcakes started their cupcake eating competition at 1pm.

Kustom Cupcakes - Cupcake Eating Competition

Kustom Cupcakes - Cupcake Eating Competition

Kustom Cupcakes - Cupcake Eating Competition

After placing our order with Jumplings, we proceeded to The Merrywell, and oops, there was now a massive line. Should've ordered earlier when there was no queue! And unfortunately, by the time we got to the front of the queue, they had run out of most items including the Mac & Cheese Bites. :( (They were replenishing supplies throughout the day, but I think their supply guy was having trouble finding a parking spot. :P)

The Merrywell - Dude, Order Here

The Merrywell - Dude Food on Wheels

We found a park bench in the shade by the pop-up Cocktail Gastronomy bar area and whilst the food took a while, we enjoyed the atmosphere. When we got the food, it was worth the wait. There is a certain romance I find with eating food from a truck on a park bench. :)

Just Jumplings

Mini Burgers from The Merrywell

Mini Burgers from The Merrywell

Om nom nom

Yes, it was hot, the queues were long, and the trucks couldn't keep up with food orders, but it was the very first festival and no one probably anticipated the demand. We still enjoyed ourselves and thought it was well done (and we hate crowds, so that's saying a lot.)

The Rumble is still on right now til 8pm, so head down to have a look! (

I wish

I wish to be tall, skinny and beautiful.


Well, I can't really do anything about being short, so the only way for me to be taller is to stand on a box wear heels. I can do that. Though, I haven't quite mastered wearing heels for 20 hours straight or running in them so more practice required there.


Ok, I'm not fat but I have a lot of flabby bits. And as I'm not tall (see above), every fatty bit just makes me look chunky.

AND I used to be skinny, so I just want to get back to that.

Young skinny me
I only have myself to blame for all the fat though - I love food and I'm not obsessed enough with being skinny to starve myself.

But, I'm started running. Or should I said, trying to run. I've only just started and my goals are:

1. to be able to run 5km nonstop by June; and
2. to be able to run 4km in 30 minutes by 11 May.

Hopefully this will help achieve skinny me! Regardless, it will increase my chances of outrunning a zombie in the event of an apocalypse. Ok, maybe a bit far fetched, but it will certainly help me outrun a villain and evade capture. Touch wood none of those things actually happen but I wanna be better prepared.


Everyone wants to be beautiful. I wanna be beautiful. Not this healthy-self-image beautiful-inside everyone-is-beautiful deep stuff. I'm talking about the shallow stuff.

I wanna have a pretty face, gorgeous looks, great hair. I want people to see me and think she's alright, she's beautiful.

I don't think I'm ugly, but I don't think I'm beautiful either. I've never grown up thinking I was beautiful. I think I'm better now, and some days I feel pretty good, but I still don't think I'm beautiful. I think I can do better.

I want to look after my hair more, use makeup better, have better skin, wear great clothes, and be beautiful.

I wish to be tall, skinny and beautiful.

Work in progress.