Sunday, 13 April 2014

I wish

I wish to be tall, skinny and beautiful.


Well, I can't really do anything about being short, so the only way for me to be taller is to stand on a box wear heels. I can do that. Though, I haven't quite mastered wearing heels for 20 hours straight or running in them so more practice required there.


Ok, I'm not fat but I have a lot of flabby bits. And as I'm not tall (see above), every fatty bit just makes me look chunky.

AND I used to be skinny, so I just want to get back to that.

Young skinny me
I only have myself to blame for all the fat though - I love food and I'm not obsessed enough with being skinny to starve myself.

But, I'm started running. Or should I said, trying to run. I've only just started and my goals are:

1. to be able to run 5km nonstop by June; and
2. to be able to run 4km in 30 minutes by 11 May.

Hopefully this will help achieve skinny me! Regardless, it will increase my chances of outrunning a zombie in the event of an apocalypse. Ok, maybe a bit far fetched, but it will certainly help me outrun a villain and evade capture. Touch wood none of those things actually happen but I wanna be better prepared.


Everyone wants to be beautiful. I wanna be beautiful. Not this healthy-self-image beautiful-inside everyone-is-beautiful deep stuff. I'm talking about the shallow stuff.

I wanna have a pretty face, gorgeous looks, great hair. I want people to see me and think she's alright, she's beautiful.

I don't think I'm ugly, but I don't think I'm beautiful either. I've never grown up thinking I was beautiful. I think I'm better now, and some days I feel pretty good, but I still don't think I'm beautiful. I think I can do better.

I want to look after my hair more, use makeup better, have better skin, wear great clothes, and be beautiful.

I wish to be tall, skinny and beautiful.

Work in progress.