Saturday, 25 April 2015

Hand Lettering

Growing up, I was always creating.

Before there was Pinterest and before it was cool, I was repurposing empty tissue boxes, soft drink bottles, tins, etc.

I was making cards out of manilla card and scraps of wrapping paper, Wordart, Clipart, and later, when the Internet arrived,  awesome (at the time) jpegs!

When I moved to Australia, I discovered that there was a world of actual scrapbooking and cardmaking and they actually sell pretty stuff.

I no longer had to cut out pieces from big A1 manilla card and save wrapping paper! (Actually, I still collect wrapping paper, but that's another story.)


I was also always doodling. Writing quotes, drawing inspirational words, practising script.

I have not stopped doodling - numerous meetings and training sessions provide many hours of doodling. But for some reason, I never developed it into something more.

It wasn't until recently that I discovered this whole world of hand lettering, typography, modern calligraphy. And there is so much inspiration, so many tips and lessons out there in magic internet land.

Here are just a couple of examples that I am just in awe of:

by Pauline Ibera
via - Introduction to the Art of Modern Calligraphy
Manhattan Darling Typeface

Today I'm embarking on a new hobby, project, passion - hand lettering.