Monday, 19 November 2012

Team Edward or Team Jacob

So! Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 2 is out!! And I saw it!! Yesterday!! After watching the first four movies!! On the same day!!

Yes I saw all five movies yesterday. What a great Sunday!

So, are you Team Edward or Team Jacob?

I decided to analyse my team choice:


Edward was definitely very strange. And Jacob had yucky long hair. Like, what the?

So uh, neither Team Edward or Team Jacob for me. No thanks.

New Moon

TEAM JACOB!!!! Like, hello!? Jake's got hot abs, nice short hair, and is super-nice, and yeah - hot abs.

And anyway, Edward disappeared and looked really pasty in Italy.


Edward is so over-protective. And Jacob is still hot. Except he kissed Bella and broke Bella's hand because she punched him. Hmmm... but still hot. Actually Jake is literally hot and warms up Bella during the storm.

Team Jacob.

Breaking Dawn: Part 1

I love the wedding!!! I can see why there is Team Edward now. He actually looks really good when he's smiling and happy. But Jake's an awesome friend and really supportive when Bella needs him. And still hot.

Team Jacob.

Breaking Dawn: Part 2

Ok. Edward is super-happy all the time now. So he looks really good. And Edward + Bella + Renesmee are so perfect together! I am suddenly liking Edward a lot more and liking Jacob less. It's like Edward and Bella suddenly grew up into this gorgeous sophisticated perfect couple, and Jacob just stayed as Jacob. I still love Jacob, but love Edward now too, and love Edward & Bella together.

Final Verdict: I'm Switzerland.